A clear and well-organized signposting is of uttermost importance to road safety. SIMaD offers you a total package for the effective management of all your signposting that contributes to a reliable
traffic management. SIMaD is an indispensable tool for all those who are involved in road sign management.
SiMaD offers you a variety of ways to manage, analyze and manage your road traffic signs.

SIMaD integrates a directional road sign design tool with a flexible library module for
traffic regulations road signs management in a GIS environment (Geographical Information System). This integration offers the user the necessary tools to compose an installation of road signs in an intuitive but regulations compliant manner. Per installation, all relevant data are saved in a database, making them available for further analysis at any point in time.

The designed installations are placed in the integrated GIS environment and all relevant data are directly linked to the installation. SIMaD is integrated in the third-party GIS environment called ArcGIS. This allows the user to use ArcGIS to install, manipulate, analyze and print traffic sign installations.


Package Overview

Compose Traffic Sign Installations

Directional road signs

From SIMaD you can access a database of directional road signs designed in our road sign design program called VSDesign.

A complete and dynamic library of traffic regulations road signs

  • Complete: all traffic regulations road signs are shipped in the base library, clearly categorized as described in the official regulations.
  • Dynamic: all traffic regulations road signs with variable inscriptions  (e.g. C43 – speed limit) can be easily adapted.

Map Installations

The installation is composed in the SIMaD application. SIMaD is tightly integrated with the ArcGIS GIS environment. It is easy to manipulate installations composed in SiMaD on a digital map in ArcGIS. All relevant information about the installation is queriable:

  • Type, shape, dimensions and inscriptions
  • Fastenings, supports and bases
  • Maintenance data

SIMaD's Benefits

Inventory and analysis of the actual traffic situation:

  • Inventory of all road signs: location, dimensions, support type, fastening type, etc.
  • Create design drawings compliant with official rules and regulations
  • Map installations in a GIS environment
  • Analyze and evaluate the current situation

Design a modified traffic sign lay-out:

  • Create design drawings compliant with official rules and regulations
  • Map installations in a GIS environment
  • Compare the current situation with the future situation