A high-quality and consistent road sign management is paramount to smooth traffic and road safety. If you are looking for tool to design road signs, VSDesign offers you an all-in-one solution.

VSDesign enables you to design road signs in compliance with national regulations in the field of sign posting. A total integration of the road sign design regulations in the software makes it very easy to design a compliant road sign. As a result, road sign designs become more and more uniform, which leads to a higher degree of road sign recognizability for road users.

All data are saved in a database. This enables you to look up any detail, like for instance the dimensions and the type of the road sign or the inscriptions and the icons used on the sign post.

Advantages of VSDesign


The wizard enables you to create compliant road signs quickly and efficiently. In just a few simple steps you have created the road sign of your choice. The wizards helps you create the following road signs:

  • Directional road signs: F23-F29-F31-F33-F34-F35-F37-F41-F57
  • Early warning road signs: F15-F25-F27-F39
  • Other road signs: F1-F3-F43


  • Easy design of road signs
  • Integration of national design rules and regulations


  • Enter the inscriptions in the font stipulated by the national design rules and regulations
  • Put the inscriptions in place with easy drag and drop
  • The distribution and the position of the inscriptions is calculated automatically


  • Comes with a library containing all current icons and traffic regulation road signs
  • Additional icons can be created by the user

Print and export

  • Colour print-out mentioning the dimensions required for the manufacture of the road sign
  • Export formats: AutoCAD (.dxf) and Windows MetaFile (.emf)