About DLW

The company DLW was established in 1995 in reply to a market demand for road sign management software.

Aided by their IT background and supported by their life-long experience in designing and manufacturing sign posts, the founders of DLW succeeded in launching their first sign post design software called VSDesign successfully. The VSDesign software allows you to design directional sign posts in compliance with official guide lines.

It only revealed to be a logical step to take it further from here and start developing a GIS-driven application for the management of sign posts. The fruit of this effort resulted in the birth of an ArcGIS-integrated sign post management application called SiMaD.

Both VSDesign and SiMaD have been successfully launched onto the Belgian market.

As a result of their life-long experience in designing road signs, the people at DLW are often asked to take part in studies for the optimization of sign posting. Additionally, new traffic situtations are studied as well. Within the scope of such case studies, also inventories of existing traffic situations are often made.

Hence, the people at DLW are well-experienced users of their own in-house developed software applications,  which enables them to fix bugs quickly and efficiently.  An additional boon to this is that new functionality can be added quickly and flexibly.