SIMaD Functions Overview

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Function SIMaD GIS SIMaD ArcGIS SIMaD OrbitGIS  
GIS environment        
Own GIS environment      
Extension integrated in ArcMap   
Extension integrated in OrbitGIS      
GIS functions        
Compose installations from standard libraries and/or VSDesign design drawings  
Set up installations  
Add double-front to installation  
Remove installation  
Relocate installation  
Rotate installation  
Copy installation  
Check information summary  
Set scale  
Modify scale  
Zoom in on installation    
Import GPS measurings  
Label installation  
Link photo to installation  
Enter municipality, street name, street ID, house number  
Search algorithm for automatic localization
Set filter on database query  
Set filter on spatial selection   
Render saved filters on map  
Report module (MS Excel format)        
Database data and picture report  
Bill of quantities debits for SB250 for delivery/installation  
Bill of quantities summary featuring quantities and prices  
Bills of materials  
Save installation history in database  
Installations in a planned status  
Show status at particular point in time   
History-based bill of quantities report  
Export to AutoCAD dxf  
Import data in SIMaD format  
Tablet PC module       [6]
Dedicated data entry screen  
Character recognition  
Link digital pictures  
Enter blank road signs  
Inventory module integrated with VSDesign [3]
Database Management        
Management Console  
Manage user groups [1]
Manage privileges and user groups [1]
Standard libraries        
Road sign (several dimensions)  
Construction site signposting/traffic lights  
Dynamic libraries  
Regulations compliant font   
Blank road signs with recognition code  
Manage privileges and user groups [1]
Import new road signs/icons  
Design your own road signs/icons  
Recycle road signs/icons from imported installations  
Design drawings        
Load VSDesign design drawings  
Import/export VSDesign design drawings  
Design VSDesing design drawings - light version [2]
Design VSDesign design drawings [3]
Modify VSDesign design drawings using double-click [3]
Recycle VSDesign dimensional sketches from imported installations  
Manufacturing data       [4]
Standard manufacturing data library for SB250 [5]
Add own manufacturing data  
Manage privileges and user groups [1]
Follow SB250 manufacturing data entry Wizard [5]
Save data       [4]
File Geodatabase  
ArcSDE [7]
MySQL [8]
PostgreSQL [8]
SQLServer [8]
Oracle [8]

[1] Optional – Only available for central database.
[2] Optional – Only available for directional road signs, F1/F3, F13/F17/F18, F43 and supplementary road signs.
[3] Optional – Only available in case of a VSDesign licence. No restrictions.
[4] Optional – Only available in the SiMaD Management version.
[5] TB2000 (Brussels region) and G2000 (Walloon region) also available.
[6] Optional – Tablet PC required.
[7] Optional – Possibly via ArcGIS Server web service.
[8] Optional – Central database.